About the Company

- The Arab world is located in the heart of the world, including God has given great advantages of the most important most of its views of the beaches and seas of several along geographical climate variability and as a result the enjoyment of the Arab world a great abundance of fish and other aquatic organisms, and because the size of the production of the Arab countries located hunting fields in Sea, which overlooks it is not commensurate with the exploitation of opportunities available to them

Economic Council Resolution No. 418 date 25.01.1969 was issued and the date of 02.22.1978 No. 718 approving the establishment of an Arab Fisheries Company for fishing, has been approved under the provisions of the Company's Economic Council Resolution No. 739 Date 10/09/1978 m and thus saw Saudi fisheries Company of light as an Arab working within the scope of Arab cooperation and enjoys legal personality necessary to achieve the purposes and operate on a commercial basis.

- Was announced by the Arab Fisheries Company for traps legally fish from the date of 10.10.1979 m taken from the city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia-based as its chairman, the company has been registered in the trade register branch of the Ministry of Commerce in Jeddah under the number 4,030,046,787 date of 16/03/1405 AH The company began its activities actually convening its first general assembly on 10.10.1979 and the formation of the Board of Directors.

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